Little changes around the house, one step at a time can create a drastic effect. The key is having a big picture in your mind to establish a smooth transition between the rooms. Another important part to making your home look luxurious is remembering your ceiling when you’re working on the upgrades. The viewer’s eyes should transition from the floor, to the wall, to the ceiling seamlessly. You don’t have to go out of your way to create a fancy ceiling out of a conventional flat ceiling, simply using a tint, tone, or shade of the wall colour would work too.

For your walls, a neutral tone works best to create a true luxurious feel. To make things a little more interesting, you could add wall-to-wall wallpaper. Social areas like the dining room are natural conversation spots. Lighting with a dimmer switch to set the mood, along with a statement wall-to-wall wallpaper will set the tone and get the conversations flowing naturally. Consider this, a completely floral wallpaper may set the tone of a tea party whereas a leafy green wallpaper may give you vacation vibes.

You could also spice things up with an oversized piece of art. There’s just something about art that exudes wealth and luxe. It could be a conversation starter with friends and family as well. It can be really interesting to hear everyone’s interpretation of a particularly abstract piece. Mirrors around the house have a way of making the room look much more spacious. Place mirrors strategically to highlight the best rooms in the house and make them look more extravagant.

Since we’re focused on the little details that bring luxury, we cannot possibly leave out lighting fixtures and indoor plants. In your entire home, you should have at least one large lighting fixture. This could be a typical droplet chandelier or something a little more contemporary. Not only will this add to the luxurious aesthetic, but it will also add layers of light to the room. Lighting layers help bring out character in a room and can be both functional and decorative.

When you picture a luxury home, you probably see lots of space, light, and indoor plants. Indoor plants create a feel of being outside even if you’re indoors. The plants just transport your mood and vibe into the vacation zone, and that’s exactly what a luxury home should be like. The feeling of being on vacation in the comfort of your home.

Before we come to an end, remember, the little things tie the big picture together. Make sure all your fixtures and furnishings go well together. Focus on a neutral colour palette, not only for painting purposes, but for bedding as well. White sheets paired with a few beige tone bed throws, and multiple pillows will do the trick!

These are just a few of the many things you can do to transform your home into a luxury home. What other things would you do to make the transformation?